Event & Hunt Information

Coming up at Sin Original:

1. Mystery Hunt
   February 1st - 28th
   Grid wide
   $0L Hunt
2. Dress Her Up Hunt
   March 1st - 31st
   $2L Hunt

3.  May Flowers Hunt
    May 1st - 30th
    $2L Hunt

4. Got a Get a Gacha Event
   Coming in June.

5. Scorching Summer Cart Sale
   Coming in June. 
Rules for all Hunts:
  • Hints for each hunt are MANDATORY!!!
  • If no hint is given and no hint is located at your store I will give the gift location.
  • Link for turning in hints will be given in welcome box.
  • Not allowed dummy hunt items as this is not a mini hunt for your store.
  • You can make hunt items bigger, you may NOT make them smaller.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to change the hunt item for any reason other than making it bigger.
  • changing the hunt item will be auto dropped from the hunt.
  • Be on time for the hunt or risk being dropped.
  • you must have the poster out for the duration of the hunt.
  • no hiding the item inside other items such as hiding it inside another box etc.
  • NO biab
  • NO resellers 
  • NO Childrens stores as hunt is open to all sim ratings.
  • children avi's do hunt at your own risk I do not police ratings...we're all adults here
  • Pictures are not required for $0L Hunts.
  • Pictures ARE REQUIRED on any hunt charging any price whether it is $1L or more. Customers like to know what they're paying for no matter the cost.
  • Link for giving Pics will be given in the final box.
  • There are no applications! Just sign up! By signing up you are telling ME YOU are in the hunt!
  • Any questions or concerns contact me (sinfullysaucy spiritor) inworld. If I'm offline that is ok. I get offline messages and will respond as I get them.
  • If you can abide by the above click the appropriate tab at the top and sign up.